The Warriors Resort

Kelvin W.

“…Rise of the Warriors…”

The Warriors lost their battle, succumbing their soul and culture to the invaders. The spirit of these fighters must never be forgotten and must be reignited and honoured once again. The true Warrior Spirit can only be understood through participatory experience, and its title can only be earned. The uninitiated goes through a rite of passage that enriches the mind and tests one’s confidence and courage. The Warriors’ Resort preserve and honour the Warrior culture and provide the opportunity to become the Warrior of one’s own life.

The Clients: Australian Sports Commission (government body), Mark Burnett – producer of Survivor Series, Local Ni-Van Warriors


Arrival: By air (to Vanuatu’s airport), by sea (cruise ships), by land (locals)

Master plan of the Warrior’s Resort

The introverts and extroverts resort houses. As you switch from house to house, you learn to discover yourself and break free from your “safehold”. An initiation of your own life to discover the warrior within.

No matter where you are within the resort, the leaping tower is never away from view. Ultimately, your true purpose of coming to this resort is to take that leap of faith to overcome your own fears and to bring your life to the next level.

The Jump – Giving back something to the owners of this land beyond the definitions of commercial and economic growth. The Spirit of the Ni-Van Warriors lives on.


Plans and Sections


Trial animation by RenderInMotion (post-Thesis)