Let’s get warchk-y!
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Warriors Resort Animation
A trial by RenderInMotion who used my Masters thesis project (2014) as a test bed for their animation renderings. View my thesis project here !
A career decision – big or small?
big things might just come in smaller packages In this not-so-long journey that I went through, I had the privilege of setting my foot in various aspects of the trade – from being a main contractor’s designer/coordinator/right-hand man, to a small director in a design partnership, an interior designer, an architectural intern in a mid-size architectural..
Singapore Unseen: The Vacated “Chap Lao Chu”
“Chap Lao Chu“, also known as the “10-Storey Flat”, is one of the earlier public housing estates built during 1962 to 1964 at Tanglin Halt, Commonwealth. Residents have been relocated elsewhere since 2013 (last one moved out in 2014). All photos from the trip:
Pearl along the bank
The city state of Singapore is home to many iterations of modernist-inspired architecture (the famous being the HDB estates that are littered all over the island). One building in particular that has been drawing my interest for years has got to be the Pearl Bank Apartments. Taking lots of cues and references from Le Corbusier’s Unité d’Habitation, Tan Cheng..
The “after 10pm” Neighbourhood
This night I explored a neighbourhood nearby. Despite it being very lively and full of activities in the day, when night falls, this particular area displays an uncanny sense of “time halting”. Walking around, it is interesting to see “dialogues” taking place. These are – silent stories of the night.